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Manassas Carpet Repair and Re Stretching

Carpet Repair Stretching Carpet Repairs in Manassas
Mighty Clean is the expert repair company for Manassas Virginia. We have experience reparing all types of carpet and all types of repairs including Berber, pulled rows, burn repairs, seam repair, pet damage, seam repairs, bubbles, wavy buckeling carpet, carpet ripples, stretching carpet, and more.
If you live in or around Manassas or Manassas Park and need your carpets stretched or repaired to remove ripples and waves, or carpet patched because of a burn or permanent stain, call us today.

Carpet Stretching in Manassas
When you see wavy carpet that ripples, buckles, and bubbles up it needs to be re stretched to avoid further damage. Why does carpet buckle and need re stretching in the first place? It can happen for many reasons including installation and heavy traffic. If carpet is not given proper time to adjust to the indoor temp it is tougher to stretch and often becomes loose and buckles after just a few weeks. If the installer did not use a power stretcher to install the carpet (not a knee kicker) the carpet will likely become loose over time. However, installation is not always to blame. If the carpet is old and the backing wears down it can also cause a bubble.

Carpet Patching and Repairs
If you have a permanent stain, Bleach spill, a burn mark in carpet, or damage from pets scratching at the carpet a patch may be the repair you need. Getting a perfect patch requires a professional. If the repair isn't done properly it will always look obvious. You want to hire someone with experience to repair your carpet so it won't need to be repaired again in the future. Spare carpet for a patch can come from scrap from installation, a closet, or even under a couch!

Manassas Carpet Repair and Stretching 100% Guaranteed!
Our friends and neighbors in Manassas, VA trust us with their carpet repair needs because we stand behind our promise. If you are unhappy with the results following your repair we will return to make it right. If for some reason you are still not satisfied we will refund your money, no questions asked.
We have experience repairing all types of carpet damage in Manassas, so if your carpet needs to be fixed call today!

Outstanding Job. I will definately reccommend to my neighbors... Thanks Guys!

- Julie P.
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